Horse Racing is one of JazzSports’ most vital points. It features a powerful betting board, including all the significant American and international grandstands. You can view the evolution of all the race betting odds on a minute-by-minute basis since the racing database is continually updated and checks all the active race venues for the latest entries and earliest scratches. Betting online is a fantastic way to find the best betting lines on the horses.

Navigating around online betting sites for horse racing can be difficult if you are from the USA. The world is continually morphing online, with electronic interfaces facilitating online horse betting and making it easier to navigate. JazzSports has a fresh site that is extremely easy to use. You can access all the stats and tables and bet from anywhere via mobile. Horse betting took off online during the 1980s, and before that, horse betting was only available at the racetracks. As internet speeds improved, so did online betting on the horses. All major race tracks have their betting platform allowing bettors to place live bets from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Online Horse Race Betting at JazzSports

Betting online at JazzSports is a convenient way to bet on the horses. You can bet from anywhere, anytime, and if your schedule doesn't allow for a trip to the actual race track, then betting online is the perfect alternative. You will earn bonuses and rewards at JazzSports for horse betting, and you get the freedom to be far more selective with your betting. You can analyze the past performances to help you select a potential winner.

Horse race betting markets include the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, the prestigious Belmont Stakes, the Breeders Cup, and even the Dubai World Cup. You can check out the online racebook at JazzSports to gain access to more than 200 race tracks worldwide. Betting is on offer 365 days a year so that you can place straight or exotic bets on your mobile, tablet, or perhaps your desktop at home on the most popular thoroughbreds. You can follow the latest American Pharoah to become the best handicapper!

Horse Racing Bonus

You get a 10% Horse Racing Bonus Rebate without rollover requirements. Moreover, there aren’t any minimum daily volume requirements or a maximum limit on how much you can win. Whether you win or lose, JazzSports will credit you with a rebate depending on the volume and track category chosen. No reimbursement counts for canceled wagers or those refunded due to a scratch. The rebate applies only to bets placed through the Racebook horse wagering interface. It doesn’t apply to matchups, props, or other kinds of wagers made via the sportsbook login, and your 10% rebate bonus is paid to you daily. Betting on a horse race can be an exhilarating experience for sports bettors. You don’t need to be a professional handicapper or experienced bettors to have a fantastic winning day at the race track!

Betting on the Horses at JazzSports

Betting on the horses can be broken down into three categories. There are Straight Bets. Exotic Bets in a Single Race, and Exotic Bets Covering Multiple Horse Races. There are additional betting options with the daily card at any racetrack. They range from going to the race track to bet on the races, or at an online racebook. Straight Bets are by far the most straightforward for horse race betting when you pick an outright winner. Other straight betting markets cover the second-placed horse, and the third-place finisher is called show. Straight bets are essentially wagered on a single horse to win. Single Race Exotics are a group of multiple horses placed into one single bet. The three options are called an exacta for two horses, a trifecta for three horses, and a superfecta for four horses included in the wager.

When you bet on multiple horses, they will need to finish the precise order they were in your bet. You can also box the stakes at a higher cost. Some race tracks continue to call a boxed exacta a quinella bet. Boxing your wager allows the four or five horses to finish in any position as long as it’s first or second. The same is true for trifectas bets and superfectas as well. Multiple Race Exotics are among the most common multi-race Betty options and are called the Daily Double. The stake typically covers your first two races on a daily card. You pick a winner in both races to place a bet. That can expand to Pick three and Pick four exotics. There are even more advanced horse betting markets, and you will need a general understanding of the basics of horse betting to be a more successful winner at the virtual race track.